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The Jogger Pants

The jogger is one important article of clothing I believe everyone should at least have one of in there wardrobes. As opposed to regular sweat pants the jogger has become a real trend in both activewear and street wear circles, as a matter of fact the differences between activewear and street wear are becoming blurred to me. Joggers have become a very cool, stylish and comfortable piece of clothing to wear and I am going give you advice and how to wear them and which brands are cool.

What Are Joggers?

A jogger is a pair of pants where the bottom of it is tapered said to be the more stylish cousin of the sweatpants. They are made with fabrics that offer sweat-wicking, stretchiness and versatility, but they also give us a very fashionable silhouette. Varying from the original purpose that they were made for “Jogging”. It is a piece of activewear that can blend well with almost any type of clothing which is why they are now worn for any possible occasion we can.Jogger Pant

Because of this the jogger is now part of the athleisure craze, they have the feel of sweatpants but a more stylish and structured look, they are the perfect clothes for lazy people and can be worn at casual business meetings, to work out and many places. No matter what style you wear this is a pant for you.

Types of Joggers

Joggers are made with the intention of looking relaxed and stylish in any occasion, they opt to give you the best comfort no matter what type you want to wear. I am going to mention 4 types of joggers which will help readers get a better understanding of the styling

  • Everyday Joggers:

No matter how you choose to spend your day joggers can provide a high degree of comfort with total versatility. You can style it for formal meetings, lunch dates with friends or even a comfortable flight. This pant can a staple day to day leg wear especially for men.

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  • Sporty Joggers

As joggers were originally meant to be for running and work outs at the gym it’s a stylish piece of sportswear. Not like the baggy, heavy alternatives, they have shaped up and slimmed down to still provide the comfort and slickness we desire while sweating.

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  • Lounge Joggers

Want to be lazy and relax all day without doing anything but watch Netflix in your bed or sofa? Lounge joggers are loose, soft and extremely comfortable, you’ll not want to take them off because of the airy and coziness they provide.

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  • Smart Joggers

These joggers look very decent, tailored and won’t sag at the knees, they’ve smartened up in a way that you can easily style them with shirts and blazers for dates, movies or lunch.

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How to Wear joggers

As previously mention there are different types of joggers one can wear, lets see how we are going to style joggers to get the best look out of them for any occasion.

The natural way to style them is of course casual and relaxed, throw on a clean slim fit t shirt or hoody for a great look for the weekend. We can also go for a smart-casual look with a fine fitted shirt with a blazer over it, dress shoes are not particularly recommended but trainers will give you a good look. Make sure the jogger is slim fitted as baggy ones will not look good with what you are going for. Casual joggers will come in a wider range of colours and be of a baggier fit. Smart joggers on the other hand will be restricted to the typical black, grey, navy and camel colours and be a little tidier and slimmer in fit.

Jogger Tshirt Outfit

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Jogger with hoodie

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If you are interested in the street wear vibe the jogger track suit maybe a good option, the track jacket is cool once again, keep it simple because anything sporty can be paired with your jogger such as polo shirts. Make sure your sneaker is on point also, trainers are your go to.

Jogger shirt Outfit

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Jogger Tracksuit


An article from thetredspotter highlighted a couple points to adhere when wearing joggers:

  • Keep your overall aesthetic casual and relaxed.
  • For maximum style coordinate with designer brands.
  • Go for multiple layering options to mix up your look.
  • Add polish to your look with a slim silhouette and the addition of more structured styles.
  • When pairing joggers with a jacket, opt for shorter styles, such as a bomber, biker or denim jacket.
  • Have a good pair of stylish trainers on hand as your go-to footwear for when you’re wearing your joggers.

Good Jogger Brands

I recommend checking out the following brands to get the best joggers.

Nike has been in the sportswear business for a number of years, they offer athletic cuts and good fabrics for sports joggers.

Stussy is a street wear that provides a more graphic spin on the average jogger with there patterns, fabrics and branding.

Adidas is also a sportswear giant, there retro styles and modern fits are something to look at.

Champion offers nice slim cuts and other pairs for any occasion at good prices.

Ralph Lauren designs simple joggers made with quality materials.

However, You Wear Them

Joggers provide you with the comfortablilty and versatility needed to prepare for any type of occasion, it’s a must have in your wardrobe, there a needed escape from the limits of traditional pants whether you like them or not. A nice pair of joggers are something special.

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