The Active Bodysuit

Bodysuits are catching fire, these days. We all own a bodysuit and it is a great and extremely comfortable piece of clothing that can be worn, almost everywhere. They are all the rage in 2020 and are available in all kinds of different cuts and styles. The bodysuit is very popular among the youth and is seen as trendy as they are mixing a lot of micro trends together. You can wear them as athleisure wear, you can wear them to your daily yoga, the gym or even casual gatherings if you can get the outfit right. Wearing them as a substitute to bra is also a great option, given the immense comfort they bring.

Types of Bodysuits:

There is a wide range of bodysuits to choose from. Like I mentioned, they are available in all kinds of styles, cuts and are tailored to suit all kinds of body types, so let’s get into some of them.


If your build is tall and slim, then you should probably go for the long sleeve bodysuits. They are available in several designs, which compliment your lanky body shape and look ideal on your elegant figure. You can go around flaunting your Blake Lively-esque figure in these bodysuits and there are more variations available if you want to show more skin.


MANGOPOP Womens V Neck Long Sleeve Tops Bodysuit Jumpsuit

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This is for the petite sized women who can still look absolutely killer in these bodysuits. These bodysuits are cut thigh-high to give the illusion of longer legs. While you can look confident in multiple designs that come in conservative neck-lines as well as deep-cuts. One thing is for sure, the illusion of longer legs works just fine.


Yeahdor Women's See Through Mesh Thong Leotard Top One Piece High Cut Bodysuit Teddy

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These bodysuits are ideal for your daily yoga or gym session. They work well even if you feel like wearing them to a casual gathering. You can get ones with an added hoodie or if you want to show off some waist, then do it! These cut-outs for the waist are not only dramatically sexy but also comfortable. What an idea!


7Wins JJJ Women Catsuit Cotton Lycra Tank Bermuda Short Yoga Bodysuit Jumpsuit

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Other variations suit the small bust as well as the curvier ladies. We love all, equally! Similarly, the designs for all are aplenty.


Alaroo Women One Piece Short Catsuit

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How to Wear:

You can rock your bodysuit for almost all occasions. You can wear them to your casual brunch with friends. You can also wear it to the gym and if you feel like it, then you can also wear the bodysuit to a night out!

The ideal look for wearing a bodysuit to one of these casual hangouts is by wearing it with your distressed denim. Rock a low heel and you are well-dressed to catch up on all the gossip and to run a couple of errands.

You can wear your athletic styled bodysuit to your daily work-out. Be it yoga or be it a session at the gym, your bodysuit will be perfect with yoga pants. If you can look good while working out, then why shouldn’t you?

You can also wear your long-sleeved bodysuits with leather shorts and lace-up heels. This could be a go-to look if you have a date to catch. You can look sexy, direct, and a bit intimidating, too.

SEASUM Women Stripe Bodysuit Sleevesless Sport One-Piece Backless Sexy Slimming Bodycon Rompers Jumpsuit

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Pros and Cons of Wearing Bodysuits:

The pros of wearing bodysuits are numerous. It’s a comfortable one piece that can be tucked in and can range from looking sexy to giving off a very seamless look. They are IN so that is another reason for absolutely getting one. The bodysuits come in a number of designs and styles which make them suitable for a wide number of occasions.

The cons of bodysuits are also to be learned before you go around stockpiling them. The bodysuits are ideal for mainstream body shapes. However, the length can be problematic for plus size, petite, or any other “not-so-mainstream” body shape. Also, the thigh high cut bodysuits do not give off the kind of look you are going with if you wear jeans with them. Some do lack bust-support so if you buy the cheaper knock-offs, you are probably better off wearing a bra.

As I always try to remind you to wear what you are comfortable with, you don’t have to put on a body suit if you don’t like it, trends don’t have to be following. Get what’s right for you.

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