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Eco brands are being driven now more than ever in attempt to affect climate change in our world. The planet is in danger, so we not only think about our commitment to well-being, health and self-care when purchasing activewear, but to the well-being of our world.

I agree that we need to start supporting brands that create Eco friendly activewear, today I am going introduce the active women out there to a brand that creates sustainable yoga leggings.


prAna is one such brand that is committed to bringing positive change to our environment and also the people who live in it since their beginning. They use materials and partner with companies and factories that are aligned with their purpose to bring us nice and functional clothing.

As quoted from their website “Simply, sustainability is part our DNA” and they’re very transparent with how their products are manufactured. The yoga leggings they provide are made with the following materials.

Sustainable Materials

Some sustainable materials used to make their products are organic cotton, recycled wool, hemp, recycled polyester and responsible down.

I’m not gonna extrapolate too much on the other materials but some of you may wonder what responsible down is, because I didn’t know what it was myself. The Textile Exchange describes it as ” ensuring that the ducks and geese the down feathers are procured from are not exposed to animal cruelty. They live healthy lives, express innate behaviors and not suffer from pain, fear or distress”.

prAna works closely with this organization from the farm to the manufactured product to ensure ethical practices are adhered to.

Yoga Leggings

I’m not telling you to go throw away the yoga pants/leggings you already have in the closet, but I am going to show you some sustainable, environmentally friendly womens leggings available at prAna.

Juniper Pant

The Juniper Pant is very nice and is made from a blend of soft hemp, organic cotton and stretch fabric. As you can already determine, it’s not only for the yoga studio but can casual activities as well. The top may be fitted but the flared leg can bring a unique style. Did I mention that’s it’s comfortable.


Leonora Capri

Doesn’t the Leonora Capri look more like a casual pant than yoga pant? while it’s primary function maybe for yoga this pant can’t literally be worn anywhere else without anyone realizing that it’s a yoga pant, style it how you will. It’s made with recycled polyester, polyester and spandex to add stretch performance for intense activities.


Becksa 7/8 Legging Plus

Not forgetting our thick and beautiful ladies, this fitted legging is made from recycled polyester with 1×1 compression stretch rib. It won’t tear while doing intense workouts, you can trust it to stay with you and keep you safe and comfortable.

Pillar Legging Plus

This pillar Legging is a suitable choice for multiples occasions like hiking, running, traveling and yoga. It will stay comfortable and it fits well.

Momento 7/8 Legging

Last but not least, the Momento legging is light and comfortable, like a second skin you may forget it’s on and that’s a good thing. The waistband is geared for extra support during your most intense workouts and they stay comfortable. Get em!

Not All Yoga Pants

I feel like I should mention that they don’t only provide yoga pants but various activewear for men and women as well, if you go check their website you’d quickly see that they are committed to the environment in more ways than one and be able to find something stylish and comfortable for multiple occasions. I know not all of us are full fledged save the environment fanatics, but maybe we can make small changes. Start at prAna.



  • Cathy Allen says:

    What a great article! I love comfortable pants, and although I usually shop at thrift stores, these pants wouldn’t fill me with guilt for buying them new. I’ve been studying more about sustainable items and how they are raised and culled. It is awesome that you and others are looking more into this, as well. I’m going to go through your links and check these out!

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