Sustainable Footwear Brands

As the need for it is becoming more and more evident with our changing weather patterns, retailers are now looking to innovate their offerings with more sustainable materials being used in their development process. Consumers are now demanding that products be made responsibly along with the amazing the innovations and styles, I believe this may be one of 2020s leading trends especially in the footwear category.

Retailers are now redesigning their products using re purposed materials which usually has the word “recycled” in front of them and vegan brands appearing out the woodwork. You maybe looking for more sustainable choices to fill your wardrobe with, and I know that sustainable doesn’t necessary mean that you’ll get stuff for their functional advantages.

I am going to present a list of brands that offer sustainable athletic footwear that will still provide the performance advantages of their less sustainable counterparts.


Veja is a Paris based brand that designs their sneakers with sustainable, Eco friendly materials such as organic cotton and rubber from the Amazon. They also have a fully vegan selection of sneakers which I would think is why they have been called the world’s most sustainable brand. You can check their website, just click here.

V Knit Sneakers


This is a popular brand in the Silicon Valley and New York created by Tim Brown and Joey Zwillinger who is a renewable expert. Their products are made with nature friendly materials such as wool, tree fibers, sugar cane that’s used to make their sweet foam soles and other recycled plastics. They invented their own yarn called Trino made from tree and merino they use to develop the knits which are soft, breathable and sweat wicking in nature. You definitely should check them out.

Men's Wool Runners


They have also been making subtle changes to the materials used in their products, although they don’t market it as much as others. They use a lot of recycled polyester in the footwear and was even recognized by Textile Exchange for it. Some of their sneakers are made from fly leather which contains 50% recycled leather fiber, they may not be the most active in the sustainable footwear market but they will get there. All their fly knit sneakers should be good for your needs.

Nike Flyleather


Their cotton and corn collection shoes are designed 100% cotton upper and bio based sole from corn. Being marketed as the first ever 75% USDA certified bio-based shoe, you’d be very pleased with this and what it signifies for the environment. It can be worn to the gym and other light activities.


Adidas has teamed up with environmental organization Parley for the Oceans to create yarn made from recycled ocean plastic and illegal deep-sea gill nets, and the result were sneakers made from the same material. The Adidas x Parley sneakers are great for outdoor activities while still comfortable and there are lots to choose from.

Adidas Ultraboost

Vivo Barefoot

This is a minimalist running company, committed to designing shoes that environmentally friendly and bio mechanically optimized for pure running posture. You should feel more connected to the ground when wearing one of their shoes, almost like you’re barefoot hence the name of the company. Materials used in the creation of the shoes are mostly environment friendly for example corn and recycled plastics.

Magna Trail

The earth and in turn the environment is our most valuable resource and we must strive to keep it as healthy as possible, we most know that not all materials used in performance sneakers would be completely biodegradable. Plastic based materials are needed for some performance properties, but believe pretty soon this will be untrue. I hope my offering here assisted in some way, tell me what you think.

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