Sustainable Activewear Brands

If you’re someone who wishes to live at peace with nature, you will find that the world presents several opportunities to condemn your ways. The unavailability of sustainable products for everyday use, for instance. Suddenly, you find yourself disregarded as a member of society because you cannot find sustainable products in the market and that simply cannot do.

With the advent of many eco-friendly movements, the present generations have found themselves at a crossroads where one has to make smart choices in accordance to the planet. One such choice is finding sustainable workout products that can get you going through most of your gym sessions. There are several brands out there that, just like their customers, are taking consideration of the effect of their choices on their planet. These brands are adapting to the situation presented to them and find themselves appreciated for it in terms of sales.

Is it a far-fetched idea to think sportswear can be made through sustainable practices? Well, the following article will take you through some of the initiatives these brands have taken to increase their customer pool and provide peace of mind to their customers.

Top 2020 Sustainable Activewear Brands

Alternative Apparel

Who doesn’t love a store where they can get all their fashion needs met from while it has a reputation for quality and sustainability? Alternative apparel is a one-stop-shop where you can find some of the best activewear to match your passion for sports but also ensuring are at peace with the inner conflict. Which one, you ask? Well, the conflict that dictates most of your buying behavior when it consists of protecting the environment.

You can find tank-tops, leggings, jumpsuits and also find sustainable accessories. The brand has made a huge mark in the market where their feel-good clothing is branded as being made from recycled materials and organic cotton. Not only that but Alternative Apparel prides itself on being part of the Fair Labor Association hence, if you buy your sports leggings from them, you are supporting a brand that is fighting for both the planet and for improving lives. The company is also WRAP certified.

Outdoor Voices

If you are in the market for something that will not only spice-up how you look but is also eco-friendly, then Outdoor Voices is the place to be. It’s a revolutionary brand that focuses on comfort and flexibility that can help you maneuver through your daily tasks. You will find that the store has a huge collection of gym-wear as well as casuals with several varieties and an amazing feel to each one.

What’s more, is that the brand isn’t only focusing on making its clothing eco-friendly, but the architectural design and use of materials for their brick and mortar stores is also in line with a sustainable trend. The brand has also partnered with WWF to help increase awareness of the negative effects that buying behaviors have on the planet with several clothing campaigns highlighting the issue. You can rest assured that you will find good quality activewear from this brand but also register for a cause greater than anything. The brand frequently holds fund-raisers according to its vision as well.


Adidas is long known for its comfort and quality activewear products. Its sneakers and sustainable gym-wear has given inspiration to several brands across the globe. The brand has plans to bring in clothing lines and shoes that are 100% recycled from waste products and plastics. Their eco-friendly stance is noteworthy, and most of their campaigns now include a message for protecting the planet.

What does this brand do? Well, their first goal was to ensure a zero-waste policy was followed. Once done, the brand went on to conserve water in its manufacturing of products as well as installed energy reduction technology at all their plants to ensure minimal footprint. Adidas is well-known for its mix of fashion and activewear and has long impressed customers with its ingenuity in creating clothing that is both durable and comfortable from neck to toe. You can check their newest collections from any brick and mortar store or cruise through their online catalogues and purchase the products there.

Qualities Present in these Brands for Ethical and Eco-friendly Wear

To fully understand what each brand is bringing to the table; we must look at what materials they used to make their clothes and what processes these clothes go through. Each level depicts a story that can tell us, the customer, of whether the brand is making a difference or not.

Use of Natural Fibers

Organic cotton or hemp are two very important factors that play a role in eco-friendly clothing nowadays. We do not wish to know if thousands of acres of forest land were cleared out to increase cotton production for these brands but know if sustainable alternatives were used as materials for clothing. To check, simply look at the words ‘Lyocell’ or ‘odal’ in the description of your shirt, trousers or leggings.

Use of Recycled Materials

The present disaster scenario presented to humans is the fact that our oceans and sands are filled with plastic waste. Giant landfills are created where this waste dumped and left to disintegrate for hundreds of years. Brands like Adidas create impact by recycling this waste and using it to make footwear or clothing. You can check this with the tag presented in the product.

Transparent Supply Chains

Transparent supply chains can help us understand what processes are involved in creating the clothing we wear. It helps us recognize whether the brand can be trusted or not and all the above-mentioned brands have that. They have fair practices for their labor and use renewable resources for both energy and production.


2020 has been a wake up call for every single brand out there and how little they are in comparison to the problems that can be faced if things change. The key factor in the success of these brands and their products are adapting to the situation. With activewear, you can rest assured that good companies are making a difference and reducing their footprints every day.


  • Miraclex says:

    Hello Oranzo,

    Thank you very much for dropping these here. I really appreciate this and I am very happy to have come across and see some of the most sustainable activewear brands. These brands have done very well to keep their products on top with their brands still doing very well .

  • Charity says:

    Hello there, thank you so much for sharing this. this is a very awesome piece and a very detailed one. I’m really happy I came across this.  Reading about this article sustainable active wear brands sounds interesting. One of the wear brands listed is adidas. I love wearing their sweat shirts because it’s comfy and the fiber is original and last long

  • Josh says:

    Howdy! Oranzo Thank you very much for sharing  this beautiful and thorough review. I remember when I decided to cut all unethical and unsustainable products from my life. Suddenly I became more active, I eat healthily, and feel happier about the choices I make. Adidas Is one of the best out there

  • Parameter says:

    Honestly the rate at which brands are developing and improving their brand and product quality is alarming. Expecially with the current world changes people have become more aware. There is a high demand for natural product and also a need to keep the environment save. that is why brands will invest in improving their brand and the environment same time 

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