PrAna Outpost Hoodie

The hoodie is a must have piece in everyone’s closet int his day, its worn by almost everyone from all walks of life at one point for many reasons. Whether you wear them to lounge around the house, keep warm, casual events or intense work outs you appreciate a good and comfortable hoodie that won’t let you down. I mean if you really around you and observe, you’d see that hoodies are on the rise and I’m going to introduce you to one you can for intense work outs and casual occasions

Outpost HoodieOtpost Hoodie


Price: $99.00

Place to Buy:

Sizes: XS to Double XXL

Deal: One Per Purchase


Every human being on the planet needs a good hoodie, I myself bought one not so long ago but ending being disappoint that it ripped less than two days after it arrived. The Outpost Hoodie is made with recycled polyester, polyester and spandex which offers a stretchy blend for movement intensive activities. It also equipped with UPF 50+ sun light protection which is the highest form that the fabric allows, so if you’re worried about being outside with it on the bright days, feel free to ease your mind. The hoodie is very light and wicks sweat to keep you feeling comfortable at all times, you wouldn’t wanna take it off.

There’s none of those annoying laces to tighten the hoodie around the neck which I prefer, it fits perfectly on its own and because the seam placement is ergonomic its a very high quality piece that will last you a long time, hence the $99.00 price tag.Outpost Hoodie

In the style department, the hoodie doesn’t have any flashy graphics or logos on it, its a pretty neat and casual, so you’re one for flare this may not be the piece for you. Some extra designs included are the kangaroo hand pockets, great for carrying your phone and even though some complain about thumb hole cuffs not being accessible to people with long arms, I am a pretty big guy and they fit me well enough to use the cuffs without difficulty.


Expensive Much?

Yea! compared to other hoodies you’d find on amazon and other sites $99.00 is pretty non-competitive, but remember that you want quality clothing that will last you. The Outpost Hoodie doesn’t give me the impression that it will tear if overstretched or become washed out, the seams will hold. Designed to be effective in any environment you’re in, from warm up to cool down, you don’t want any other hoodie.
Outpost Hoodie



Where To Wear It!

The hoodie can be worn for various outdoor activities like hiking, picnics, casual strolls to the mall, meetings. It’s designed to be breathable, stay dry, move with you so it’ll feel like a second skin sometimes and I’m not saying its gonna improve the performance of your work outs because that’s hard to prove but you’d great and comfortable which may help you work to the best of your ability.

Good Buy!

The fit of it is standard and there is a size chart on their website to assist you, also a measuring and a fit and style guide for your convenience, I wear a double XL at 257lbs 6ft 2″ and I got no problems. its proven to be useful for many occasions and I believe they’re worth the buy. Quality clothing is a must and Prana provide s that, go check em out.

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