Minimalist Sneakers For Men

Minimalism within the footwear industry hasn’t gone out-of-style as many of us prefer fewer gimmicks involved in what we wear on our feet. The simple design and one main color style will always have its place in sneaker fashion history and can blend with almost any ensemble whether formal, casual or active.

Those of your that have no idea what a minimalist sneaker is, I am going to give your a brief explanation and then some decent sneakers your can buy.

What’s A Minimalist Sneaker?

A minimalist sneaker can be described as “Footwear providing minimal interference with your natural movement.” These sneakers are highly flexible, lightweight and have soles that should not be so thick that you cannot feel the ground under your feet. Basically you feel like your’re barefoot without actually being barefoot, the closest thing to it.

There was an evaluation conducted to truly identify a minimalist sneaker based on the flexibility, drop, weight, stack height, and motion control/stability devices which contribute to a score of how minimal the sneaker is. It’s not something conclusive though because we can choose how minimalist we prefer, so this is far too complex for us normal people to be doing, choose what your like.

We can also determine that a minimalist sneaker is one that is not overly colorful or bombarded with large logo designs and technological enhancements, a humble sneaker, maybe plain white or black with a small logo included, whatever your fancy.

Do You Need Em?

They say the benefits of the style of sneaker with fewer gimmicks can help to improve foot strength and arch function. Some have seen injuries increase by switching to minimalist sneakers to go running in, so if your are thinking about doing this, my advice is to ease into it

I like them because they’re lightweight, very comfortable and in my experience tend to last longer, especially when I use them to workout. So your do absolutely need them? NA!, but would your want them? YES.!

5 Sneakers

Here are some sneakers I consider to minimalist in sense of the meaning.

Nike Men’s Free RN Flyknit Running Shoe


Nike Men's Free RN Flyknit Running Shoe

In the spirit of minimalism, this sneaker gives your a barefoot like feel and is very light weight thus the addition of the word “free” in the name. It’s made to expand and contact with the movement of your feet, this is a great sneaker to run in or wear to casual gatherings. This will cost between $68 to &260; depending on the size and color your choose.


Allbirds Men’s Wool Runner


The design of this shoe screams minimalist, no large logo, one solid color. If your’ve never seen this brand go check em out and your’ll be presently surprised. Made from merino sheep’s wool this will cost $95. It would definitely purchase this. Not right now though.

No Bull Arctic Heather Trainers


This is one my favorite brands to wear, these shoes are made with no gimmicks at all hence the name of the brand stands for no bullshit just the horns. These fit perfectly, I wear to cross fit training and out casually, its definitely worth the price tag of $129. Don’t worry it will stand the test of time. Get these!!

Merrell Men’s Trail Glove 4 Sneaker


Merrell Men's Trail Glove 4 Sneaker

Although a bit on the colorful side of the minimalist spectrum which I think is kind of sexy, the low top from the arch and the short stack heel or toe height qualifies it as such to some. Merrell is a good brand to run in amongst other activities at a cost between $66 – $185.

Adidas Stan Smith


Adidas Stan Smith

Of course your know this tennis shoe with a simple yet effective design and logo placement, this classic still applies to this era. Endorsed in 1971 by the number tennis player Stan Smith, I can truly say this stood the test of time and your know what your’re getting. I don’t have to tell your to go get these your probably already have a pair or two.

Choose What You Like!

Whether your like minimalist sneakers to workout in or go out, it;s important that choose somethings that’s right for your, they’re available in many different designs and color schemes for your attention. No matter the trend of the day this style will always have a place in history. Do your like minimalist sneakers and what are some brands your wear?


  • Todd Matthews says:

    Love these sneakers and they’re exceptionally great for running. I’m someone who prefers the minimalist variety because there’s nothing more aggravating than having a sneaker interfere with movement, so I’ve been going with the minimalist approach for the last five years. I’ll never go back to anything else and it shows just how well these sneakers work when running on just about any surface. I’m glad I found them when I did and like I said, I’m not going back to anything else unless the shoe industry innovates something else that catches my attention.  While this could happen, it would have to be more than innovative to catch my attention and I’d have to see a few good reviews first. 

    • admin says:

      Yea I agree with you there, my Nobull was the first shoe I’ve worn that was so comfortable and urable at the same time.

  • Md. Asraful Islam says:

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    • admin says:

      Hey Asraful i don’t feel there’s hardly any content out there for men, especially with the active wear niche

       I’m glad you like it. 

  • Abel says:

    Hi Oranzo! I like minimalist sketchers and I immediately clicked your post when I saw the title. And I’m glad I cam here. I’ll purchase Adidas’ Stan Smith sneakers. With them you know exactly what you’re getting: both durable and classy sneakers. And I really like white! Thank you very much for this post!

    Stay safe!

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  • Naksh says:

    Hello,They say the benefits of the style of sneaker with fewer gimmicks can help to improve foot strength and arch function. Some have seen injuries increase by switching to minimalist sneakers to go running in, so if your are thinking about doing this . It’s made to expand and contact with the movement of your feet, this is a great sneaker to run in or wear to casual gatherings.

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