Men’s Muscle Tee

The Muscle Tee is arguably a very important piece of activewear every guy should have at least one of in their wardrobe, even if you don’t have the muscles to show off. Recently I ordered one of my very own though I can’t remember why, I’m glad I did because I’ve grown to love it so I chose to introduce it to the readers out there who’ve never owned one and those that just want to get some more.

Men’s Muscle Tee

Price: $4.37 Free Shipping

Where to Buy: AliExpress

Sizes: M – XXL

Rating: 6 out of 10

As I mentioned earlier I love this muscle tee, not because I have a lot of muscles to fill it out with, it’s mostly fat on my body right now with this pandemic still raging. It’s because even though I’m fat the fit is just right as you can see in the picture on the right. (not me)

With sizes ranging from medium to double XL, most of us are able to get what we like however they do warn that there’s a 2 – 3% difference when it’s compared to manual measurement so please consult the price chart provided before purchasing.

Decent Material Quality

The Tee is made with a cotton blend, they don’t exactly say what it’s blended with but it’s not a stretchy material, this is why I stress on you get the right size. It does offer the usual sweat wicking and quick dry qualities which is a must for competitive activewear in this era don’t you agree.

I Can Lounge In It

Other than gym or other work out activities, this is great for just relaxing at home or on the beach. The lightweight feel of the fabric and fashionable design makes me want to wear it anywhere I can but of course not to more formal meetings and in some establishments, though quick trips to the mall or grocery are a go.


Personally I wear mine at home and to run little errands here and there, I got the black one shown above but I’d like to order a red soon. In total, including the white and black there is a variety of six colours to choose from, you should go check them out yourself and see what you like.

Skeptical Price?

I know the saying cheap things are usually not good, and that would make anyone at least skeptical to see the $4.37 price tag but I assure you it’s a quality piece of clothing. I’ve had mine for so long now I can’t even remember, and it doesn’t look washed out or like it’s going to tear anytime soon, I even wear this as an under vest when I go to work. No sign of pilling as yet

Here is a measurement chart to help you with your purchase if you decide to do so


What Are You Waiting On?

Overall I gave this Tee a six out of ten because it’s good quality piece for the price it’s selling at, you can exercise comfortably and relax. So what’s keeping you from ordering this? Don’t keep yourself from this steal of a deal Muscle Tee with free shipping, visit the site and purchase this.

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  • Nelson says:

    Good day to you, Oranzo Bain. The men’s muscle tees in this are looking nice and of very high quality. I do hit the gym sometimes, mostly on weekends, and having either of these tees would definitely be nice to flex and show off my arm muscle (smiles). Well, thanks for this article on this lovely tees.

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