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Compression clothing has become an increasing trend in the gym, other work out activities and lately outside of the work out setting. Compression wear was initially intended for athletes to improve performance and blood circulation, although studies have been a little inconclusive on the validity of those claims, it has garnered interest from the masses through the popularity of top athletes, national teams and movie stars like The Rock in his tight tops.

Designed to be tight to increase blood flow compression clothing provide many other benefits:

  • Breathability – although tight, they are designed to allow air to circulate.
  • Stay Dry – built with sweat wicking fabrics, so that you don’t feel soaked.
  • Comfort – you wanna feel good in any clothing that you wear as it applies pressure to your skin.
  • Flexibility – the clothes are stretchy and they stay with you as you move.
  • Muscle Soreness and Recovery – They help prevent or reduce soreness in your muscle not only during a work out but after, helping them to recover.

Wearing compression garments helps you to protect your self from injury they are very stylish and sporty.

Neleus men’s Compression Baselayer T Shirt Review

Price: $26.88 & FREE ShippingNeleus Men's Compression Baselayer Athletic Workout T Shirts

Place to Buy:

Sizes: Small to Double XL

Deal: Three a Pack

Rating: 8 out of 10

I purchased one pack of these quite some time ago and I tell I haven’t used any other t shirts to work out since. I attend three 1 hour crossfit sessions a week (used to be four) and the complaint I have is from my own dislike of tight-fitting clothes, and if you don’t know, crossfit is a very intense activity and I tend to sweat a lot. The dri-FIT max fabric and moisture transport system wicks sweat and dry fast so I don’t feel soaked and heavy at any point in time.

The Neleus Compression T Shirts are primarily made for athletic activities, hey can be used in seasons for example skiing, snowboarding, yoga, weight training and basketball. As far as comfort ability goes, they’re very lightweight and elastic so they do not hamper any movement or distract me during work outs. The fabric does not irritate my skin, they make me feel to wear outside of the crossfit mat and that’s one of the great things about em.

Are They Expensive?

Na!, when compared to some prices I’ve seen on, the price of these shirts are average however they’re well worth the by considering that it’s three in one pack. Of course there are cheaper brands available but those are mostly sleeveless shirts, I suppose because it takes less fabric to make. These shirts are 85% Polyester / 15% spandex, so it’s a very stretchy material.
Neleus Men's 3 Pack Athletic Compression Under Base Layer Sport Tank Top

They are also very durable and can be washed in a machine without dulling the fabric. I’ve had three of them a couple years now being used every week and I wash them every weekend, no indication of abrasions, pilling or color bleeding although the stitching may become loose but nothing lasts forever, if they did we would have no need to buy more and that would be bad for the company. They don’t shrink either.

Will You Get The Right Size?

I am a pretty big guy, 250lbs and 6’0″ so I got the double XL and thy fit perfectly, though I did not like the close fit in the beginning, it has grown on me. It is recommended that you don’t use amazons size chart, the supplier has provided one for us to make we are satisfied with our orders.Size Chart

Although I’m a bit on the chubby side, these shirts make me look fit, I don’t have abs, but my belly is not that big, so if you got a big belly these shirts won’t hide them for you unfortunately. If you like clothes looking and fitting like a second skin on you stay at the size you’re accustomed to but if you don’t get a size up.

Can They Be Worn Outside The Gym?

This all depends on your preference, you can wear em to go on errands to the grocery, to town and casual occasions. It depends on how you style them. I personally won’t wear them for else but if push comes to shove, I just might wear them out

It’s A Good Product



Conclusively it’s a good product, I believe they’re worth the price and I’d most like get some more soon. The Neleus Compression T Shirts sit at a high 5 star rating with lots of positive customer reviews on amazon. These are the shirts of choice for your work out needs. Shipping is fast and reliable, you won’t be disappointed. I hope you enjoyed this review, if you have any question please leave a comment below.


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