Men’s Active Performance Shorts

Active clothing for me and many others represent versatility, clothing you can wear to workout and various activities with and no one will judge you for it. Not so long ago my mindset was that I gotta have different clothing for different occasions, while that still applies to some things, that way of thinking has been mellowed out lately. We wear the same shorts we go to mall and out to casual meetings to the gym to workout in. I ordered a pack of shorts some time ago to crossfit in so I’m going to review them now.

Men’s Active Performance Shorts

Price: $32.99

Where to Buy:

Sizes: M – 3x

Deal: 5 in Pack

Rating: 3 out of 10

I have had these shorts for a long time now, they’re basically all that I wear, home or to workout in. Shorts are comfortable and just are the easiest thing to sometimes wear fortunately with these if I have to go run some errands I don ‘t have to change them.

The Men’s Active Performance Shorts are made from 0 polyester, other features included are a pair of pockets, elastic waistband and a drawstring to provide a comfortable custom fit even if you get them a size bigger.


The sweat wicking and breathability properties do provide some good functional qualities and value to the average consumer. I have had some of them for years now and there’s no sign of them looking washed-out or seam thread loosening however as some reviewers on Amazon rightly say, they have been known to rip pretty easily, especially in the crotch area. If your someone with thick and powerful thighs I don’t recommend this product for you, that’d be wasting your money.

The pockets are not deep so if you got big phones they would stick out, so no Samsung notes.


These are great for lounging around home and some light to medium workouts, but not intense cardio workouts, if you’re gonna do that get them a size bigger so they don’t rip. Other than that you get value for your money, a four star rating from 4,841 rates and Best Seller tag means that a larger ratio of customers are satisfied with what they got.

Good Price?

These are pretty cheap at $32.99 considering that it’s a pack of five, from what I’ve seen through research most others around the same price range offer 2 or 3 pieces per pack so this is a good deal if you ask me.


Another plus is that there are 9 sets for you to choose from with different designs for the benefit of the buyers, you find something that suit your taste. The first picture in this review was my choice, which set did you choose?

Get Em or Na?

Conclusively based on the reviews that some of them tear easily, you should be careful when purchasing them, however I’ve had some for years, using them for crossfit, grocery shopping and at home, I’ve had no problems what so ever. Check em out yourself and tell me what you think.

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