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Leggings Vs Yoga Pants

Although it is true that leggings and yoga pants are very similar in nature, they have actual differences that people may not realize. Since the rise of the athleisure trend leggings and yoga pants have both been worn for athletic activities and casual outings. Right now you maybe asking yourself “really? there’s a difference between them?” and this proves to be a confusing topic for a lot of people out there. I am going to clear up the differences between the both types of leg wear and attempt to help you wear the right one for the right occasion.

Difference Between Leggings and Yoga Pants

Firstly, let’s get into the distinct description of the pieces of active wear.

Leggings are thin but a little bit thicker than actual tights, they are made from nylon or polyester with added spandex for stretch ability. They were used by dancers and acrobats originally, so they tend to be skin tight from the waist down to ankles, but there are the much looser styles for those that feel more comfortable that way.


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They have become very popular amongst women in recent years because of there versatility, a legging can be worn with most if not all casual garments with different styles and patterns printed in various colours to suit almost every type of personality.


Stylish Leggings

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Yoga Pants are made for athletic activities, primarily yoga but they are worn for various stuff, the truest difference between yoga pants and leggings is that the yoga pant has a thick waistband to hold position while you do complicated poses. A leggings waistband tend to be a fold over or just one band.

Yoga pants are tight in the butt area however become looser as you go down, almost like a bell bottom to give you the freedom and flexibility you need, a legging will not do the same, you’ll feel the fabric move.Yoga Pants

Different Functions

Even though women may wear them both for working out and casual adventures, they were intended with different functionalities.

Leggings were to be worn under your clothes to keep you warm and comfortable in cold weather while yoga pants primarily for exercise, yoga understood. I believe that we can determine the difference in functionality by examining the styles or fabrics they are made with.

Leggings are thinner and are usually made with cotton, this is see through, which means that when you if are working out with it, while bending and stretching, there’s gonna be people that know the color of your underwear and the shapes of your “particulars”. This fabric is liable to tear during intense movement situations, for leggings are more comparable to streetwear. So should you be wearing them for this purpose?Leggings

Yoga pants are made with fabrics that are designed to absorb sweat and dry quickly, usually more expensive than leggings, they are more flexible and provide more support because of the thick waistband. The gusseted crotch which is an extra piece of fabric sewn in the seems of where the crotch come together, gives you the confidence to move and stretch without highlighting your “golden apple”.

Yoga Pants

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So here’s two simple tips to keep you from embarrassing yourselves in public:

  • You going to more dressy outings like to club, wear the leggings.
  • You gonna do an intense work out, out door activities like hiking, wear the yoga pants.

You Wearing a Yoga Pant or a Leggings

Yoga Legging

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Leggings and yoga pants obviously look alike especially since the introduction of the yoga leggings, which come tight from top to bottom while providing the same support. The two terms are now interchangeable and vague so they are thought of as the same thing so they are both worn for athletic and sports activities. However, as previously stated, you know you got a legging when:

  • You don’t feel comfortable wearing it to a yoga session.

Leggings are a functional fashion which come in a variety of patterns and colors. More suitable for a date don’t ya think?

Are There Any Barriers Between The Two?

The entire premise of the term athleisure or activewear is that you can wear them to do various stuff, not just for exercise activities, hence why they are generally both worn as a workout outfit, everyday wear or casual wear. I’d say the only barrier is the amount of exposure a legging would provide over a yoga pant.

With all these hybrid styles entering the market these days such as work out non see through leggings, the lines are blurred beyond comprehension, we are confused because different people call them different things. The yoga leggings also come in various styles, colours and prints and are accepted in casual settings just like regular leggings so really how can we judge?Yoga Pants

All I can say is yoga pants were originally associated with activewear and is now accepted as casual wear, however leggings as always been a fashion staple and is now being used to work out.

Choose The Right Pant For The Activity

My advice to you readers is to wear the right pants for the right activity to avoid any unfortunate incidents although the differences are blurred know their function. Feel Free to click the linked pictures to update your closet. Tell me your views on this subject, I’d to read them.

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