Joggers for the Office!

I bet when Emile Camuset introduced the classic jersey jogger in the 1920s he could not fathom that it would be used for much more than just running on a track. Menswear has become more versatile and soft fitting in such a way that the ladies get in on the action also, blurring the once rigid dress code men and women had to live by. I understand that there may be some readers that still have no idea what a jogger pants is, just read a past blog of mine “The Jogger Pants” to get yourself up to speed.

While they were mostly considered as casual or streetwear, the smart or tailored styles has enabled jogger wearers and enthusiasts to try them at the office when figuring what to wear is too much of a chore, the lightweight and comfortable substitute is a blessing. Deciding what joggers to wear to office and what to wear with can be a daunting task to fist timers so we’re going to offer some tips and information to help you not get stared down at the office.

Don’t Wear A Sporty or Street Jogger!

Even though the functional jogger style has retained it’s comfortable properties while slimming down and shaping up it’s looks from the once baggy and boring design, it’s still a little risky to go to the office wearing it.


If you gotta do it, I recommend plain colours such as black, can’t go wrong with black, your boss may not even notice that it’s a jogger unless he/she is very observant. A khaki may also work now that I think about it, green, purple or yellow may garner too much unwanted attention to your attire. Your top has to be office like though!

Keep Em Looking Up!

Keep the eyes drawn to your top as that would remove the focus from your bottom. Simple enough right? You can pair your joggers with a very classy button down work shirt or blouse, going bold with coulors and patterns you enjoy are sure to please the eyes. The goal is not to look boring.

BriannaMarieLifestyle Blog has a pretty good illustration below, check her out on Pinterest.

Adding a blazer or tailored jacket to that is also a wise and fashionable choice to win that most stylish employee of the month award, your co-workers might jut follow your style. The ladies can be more versatile with cardigans once it does’not make your ensemble look sloppy. Some seasonal styles can be rewarding also but that’s all up to you.



Wearing a jogger you gotta have a good sneaker game right? Well don’t go into the corporate environment with just any sneakers as that might be a disaster to the entire outfit. As far as footwear is concerned if you’re staunch on wearing a sneaker, it’s gotta be something classic and minimalist, like the Adidas Stan Smith or NOBULL Trainers.

If you have no idea what a minimalist sneaker is, it’s “one that is not overly colorful or bombarded with large logo designs and technological enhancements, a humble sneaker, maybe plain white or black with a small logo included, whatever your fancy.” for more info on that check my past blog post “Minimalist Sneakers For Men,” ladies these work for you to.

For me the average work shoe or loafers still works (see what I did there), and I’d rather that than a sneaker, once you’ve got the imagination you can pull it off. Chunky heel or pumps for the ladies you decide what’s best for your outfit.

Be Confident!


At the end of the day, even if you just throw on something because of laziness, you gotta be confident in what you wear to the office, sometimes the clothes make the person, it reflects how you feel and may contribute to your attitude throughout the day.

Wear the styles you like that’s office appropriate, feel comfortable and ready to face the day ahead and inspire others to do the same (that would create an awesome work environment). I’d like to hear your thoughts on this, COMMENT!

If you fancy some the items shown here, don’t be afraid to click on the pictures for a closer look!

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  • ccav66 says:

    Joggers for the office is definitely wear it is at. I have three joggers all different styles but the comfort level is like wearing your p.j’s at work. I always have a blouse and nice sweater with it so I have never been outed for not adhering to dress code.

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