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I’ve been an ambassador for Hustle Worldwide for a couple months now and I tell you guys their products sell out quickly!. Everytime I go to their site it’s hard to get the clothing you want, and that should tell you something, their products are high quality and in demand. Don’t know who they are? check out my earlier blog about em Here.

I’m gonna review a product I recently bought and worn for myself and I gotta say that I really like it and would continue shopping at their online store, even though they’re a fairly new brand they got quality down.

Original Hoodie

Price: $68.00

Where to Buy: Hustle Worldwide Website

Sizes: S – XXL

Rating: 8 out of 10


Not Too Tight but Right!

The size I ordered was XXL and because other brands had fit kind of snug, I thought this was gonna be the same but no it’s big enough to feel very comfortable on my body. If you usually buy a size above to compensate, good news you don’t have to worry about that.

It’s manufactured with 80% organic cotton for those of us who love the environment and strive to protect it, this also means that it’s not a stretchy hoodie. I pulled and tugged at it as if attempting to tear and or stretch to test it’s durability and I’m satisfied that it can stand the test of time.

Can You Work Out In It?

As I mentioned the Original Hoodie from Hustle Worldwide is made with 80% organic cotton so if you’re using them to work out, know that their are no sweat wicking or quick drying properties for you to benefit from. It’ll only be comfortable in the beginning of the activity, if you’re a person that sweats a lot the build up will make you feel heavy and uncomfortable.

I recommend gym work outs with less cardio and no outdoor training on very hot days. Alternatively if you’re training on an overcast day or in an air-conditioned environment you’d be fine. I personally don’t like to work out in air-conditioned environments, I feel like I burn more calories if I sweat more, that’s just me.

Is the Price WORTH It

If you have the disposable income to spend on a really good, high quality hoodie, I suggest you get it, the price is worth the longevity and experiences this article of clothing will provide for just $68.00.

  • It’s very durable – not easily susceptible to rips or stretching, however because it’s cotton, pilling may appear later down the road.
  • You’re guaranteed to get the right size unless you’re extremely BIG!
  • The level of comfort is an experience you need for yourself.
  • It can be used to workout in and run errands, as well as casual meetings and activities.

Get 20% off!

You’re still asking yourself if the price is worth it, to say it another way “is the juice worth the squeeze.” My answer is yes I am satisfied with what I ordered and will again but you don’t have to pay the full price for the Original Hoodie or any other clothing you want to buy from their website.

Use my promotion code to receive a 20% discount on purchases in turn adding more value and incentive to shop from them. Might I add that you only can get original stuff from their website and nowhere else.

Promotion Code: OBAIN

Guys I want you to let me know what you about this up and coming brand, likes and dislikes. Would you shop with them or no. COMMENT!


  • Ann says:

    Hi Oranzo, I want to buy a hoodie for my husband as a present. I know he also likes Hustle Worldwide very much but a few weeks ago I could not find what I wanted on their site. They seem to have run out of stock. I’ll check again today and tell you. I know their products are of high quality!

  • Larry Scarbeau says:

    I found your site informative and easy to find my way around. Your blog opinions were also very helpful and I did explore a few of your recommendations on Amazon. The Original Hoodie ad gave me a good overview of what I get for the money which appears to be a good value for the money. Thanks for putting this website up and I have bookmarked it for future reference when I’m in the market.

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