How To Wear A Tracksuit

When you look around at your surroundings today, make a conscious effort to notice people around you. What are they wearing? Do you spot at least one item of sportswear? We are guaranteed you will find at least one person wearing one such item. Although you are guaranteed to find a lot more than just a single item on a single person!

Be it smartwatches. Fitbit wristbands, yoga pants, or jogging shoes, sportswear have become much more than a norm with everyday outfits. In fact, such items have become so integrated into our lives, they have been openly claimed as “One Of Fashion’s Most Bankable Trends” by Elle magazine.

Tracksuits and sweatpants have become the pinnacle of the industry. From Marc Jacobs to Burberry, nearly all major brands have showcased sportswear in various seasonal collections, I’m going to give some tips on to look wearing a tracksuit.

Where It All Began!

The introduction of tracksuits as fashion apparel came around in the 1970’s when Bruce Lee would often be seen dressed up in a matching, side-striped polyester and cotton tracksuit. Soon after, it was trendy to wear this outfit outside of activities that were athletic. Basically Bruce was cool.

A tracksuit can be a tricky item to pull off. Not wearing it just the right way can make you look sloppy and way too laid back. It demands a certain demeanor and sometimes specific items, based on where you are going, to make it look the right amount of chic alongside looking comfortable. Below are a couple of tips and tricks to rock a tracksuit all the while seeming elegant and sophisticated.

#1: Pair up with a trendy jacket

An over-wear can almost always perk up your outfit instantly. Outerwear not only keeps you warm but also gives you a smart, put-together look that you would definitely want to pull off. When worn with a pair o tracks with stripes on either side, a striped jacket will streamline your outfit, giving it a final, assembled look. mackintosh jacket with tracksuit

#2: Tucking it in or leave it out

A tracksuit can still be cool when shopped by the piece. Tracksuits are not always meant to be shopped as a whole. Putting on a loosely fitted shirt, tucked into your trousers can give a smart, on-the-go kind of look while matching your track jersey with fitted bottoms such as yoga pants can yell ‘comfortability’ all over the place

#3: Jeans it up!

A pair of rugged, cuffed jeans is sometimes all it takes to complete a retro tracksuit look. Coupled with a tracksuit top and some funky oxford’s, you will be rocking that Sienna Miller signature like a pro!

Cuffed jeans for men

Womens Cuffed jeans

See more cuffed jeans” target=”_blank”>Men’s and cuffed jeans“>Women’s Jean Here

#4: Show that logo

Brands like Nike and Champion often avail the opportunity to stamp the logo in large, block letters to show themselves off! Side-striped suits are also pretty commonly worn as a fashion statement. Often, this watermark-look is exactly what makes your tracksuit stand out giving you and your outfit the right kind of attention.

Champion Trackssuit

Click Photo to see more champion clothing.

Stay Comfortable!

The most important tip of all is to be comfortable in what you wear. One of the major reasons for the rise of sportswear in the fashion industry is the need for comfortability with everyday wear. Long gone are the days when jobs required you to wear sequined-tops and uncomfortable heel shoes. What trumps all in today’s fashion industry is the confidence that comes from wearing what you love and are most relaxed in. Let’s hear what you think on the topic.

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