Tight Yoga Pants

How To Buy Yoga Pants

Yoga pants are one the must have pieces of athleisure you’d expect to find in a woman’s wardrobe, however there are still women out there that have never worn one. They offer a variety of styles, patterns and cuts for any body type and are quite versatile when it comes to their functional possibilities.

When purchasing a yoga pant for the first time, it can be hard to determine which pair is right for you. We are going to help you find pants that are fashionable, fit for purpose and won’t disappoint you by providing useful tips on what to look for in the store or online.

Functional Properties

Firstly, before even walking into to store you need to determine the purpose of the pants you are going to purchase. There are different types of yoga practices and depending on which class you attend, you may want to look for specific qualities.

For example: if you do hot yoga where the room is warmed to 100 degrees, you’re not gonna buy a thick yoga pants that absorbs sweat, un-ventilated yoga pants are bad for your skin. Get something breathable and sweat wicking so you won’t feel heavy and uncomfortable.

Alternatively, if you want something to just lounge around the house in, you’d want something with soft and comfortable fabrics that make you feel good.

To Lounge In

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Comfort Is Key

When you’re in the store trying on different types of yoga pants, what is essential is that you feel good wearing it. Whether you require them to work out or to casual events, you must not have to constantly be adjusting them, or feeling itchy. The waistbands should not be too tight or saggy to hamper your movement.Yoga Pants

  • Squat a few times when trying it on, to make you don’t have to adjust all the time.
  • Good fit yoga pants don’t sag at your knees.
  • The won’t leave marks on your skin when you take them off, if they do it’s too tight.
  • They need to be stretchy and stay on your body.

Your pants also need to be the correct length, whether it’s a capri, full length or shorts, make sure that it is not too tight or too loose. If too loose you’d have extra fabric flailing around which may distract you and hinder your movement during work outs.

Many people rather tight-fitting yoga pants and you may also, they will feel more comfortable during intense work outs because they move with you. Here are some tips to avoid when purchase tight yoga pants.

Tight Yoga Pants

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  • They can be tight but not TOO tight. You run the risk of it tearing on you and getting muffin top when bending and stretching.
  • Additionally, before purchasing check whether the pant is see through or else people will see your underwear or other assets if you don’t wear underwear. Also, check for holes.
  • They need to breathe.
  • Finally, some bloggers advise that you wear a thong when wearing tight-fitting pants.

Buy Quality

While you may not want to spend a large amount of money on expensive pants, I advise you to at least splash a little cash on good quality ones so that you get stuff that would last long. Although no form of clothing will last forever, sooner or later you’re gonna have to re-visit the store.

It would help to buy materials that last longer than others, Synthetic fabrics tend to be durable than its cotton based counterpart, however a stringer smell is left behind on them so you may want to get more than one so you can wash regularly. This would be more suitable for intense yoga classes.

You may want them just for casual activities and won’t be wearing or washing too often the cotton based pants are fine.

Choose Your Design

Yoga pants come with different designs and features, it’s important that choose a design that fits your personality and style. If you like em with pockets to hold your phone or keys, go for it, just be mindful that this may not be ideal during a yoga session which ties into functionality. If you want them to wear out it’s OK to have pockets, zippers and other added features, they are a fashionable option.

When it comes to choosing a color, while black is the most popular go to because it does not show sweat marks, yoga pants come in all colors and patterns for you to choose from, you can get creative to fit you and only you, forget about the critics. If you plan to run errands after the session with colors other than watch for the sweat marks if you don’t like that kind of thing.

Pants With Pockets

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Get It!

in the end I hope what I have provided for you will help you in getting the right pants, that matches your unique style and fit. You need to feel good in what you wear to gym and all other activities, this gives you motivation and confidence.

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