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How To Buy Joggers – The One For You!

Even though joggers has been a trend for some time now, there are still some us out there who have never even bought one. I bought my first just a couple months ago in the mall. The article of clothing has been evolving for quite some time now and may yet still do so, it’s at the point now that shoppers are able to purchase them with regard to their unique or personal style. There are different styles, materials, fit types and cuffs to choose from for whatever occasion you think to wear them.

Purchasing your first jogger pants can be intimidating, especially for those of us that do not change our style of clothing too often. I’m going to assist you with a few tips on how to buy joggers and get the right one for you.

Find Inspiration

Of course you’d research them online before you think of going to the retail store, that’s what I would do,we’re in a digital age aren’t we?

To find some great ideas on how your jogger should look and fit, visit your favorite or trusted online stores, don’t buy just yet, this is just to get a feel for what you need. They will most likely have the pants modeled with different styles, try to find those that speak to your own personal style or think of how you can tweak it to be unique to you.

Instagram and twitter pages are also are a great way to find people who follow fashion religiously and are up to date on the latest trends and movements, this can lead you to finding a style that works for you and get your creative juices going. I urge not to just copy what someone else is wearing.Stripe Jogger

Visit The Store

While shopping online is a good idea and you will find some good styles, I recommend you go to your local retail store to first gauge your size and the pairs that fit your body shape, they’re not one size fit all. There’s nothing like hands on experience, you don’t want to order one on speculation and end up having to return it, especially if that online store does not have a favorable return policy.

Although they are very versatile you should still have an idea of the purpose of the jogger you’re buying. Do you wanna workout in them? wear them casually? or even formal occasions. Joggers range from casual to tapered skinny fit and everything in between and some are better suited for different purposes. If you find one that makes you want to wear it for all occasions, spend your money on it.

Buy one or two pairs to begin with, don’t go all in, get acquainted with the few you have, the fit, the style, the fabrics, how they make you feel. Try them out for different occasions such as running errands to see how you move with them, then you can move on to different styles.

I enjoy soft fabrics that feel good on my skin, make sure the cotton, polyester or even leather is quality, you don’t want to feel uncomfortable when in constant motion. You may have a taste for organic cotton, tencel or lyocell.

Be Sure of The Fit

A pair that fits you nicely should not be too tight around the crotch and thighs although some may prefer this, but you don’t want your junk showing. If the jogger leaves an outline on your waistFitted Jogger area, you might want to try a bigger size, that’s not a comfortable fit.

Personally I think they should be a bit tight from the knees go down, joggers are tapered with cuffs at the end, that’s a neat and classy look. The length is also something you want to determine, a joggers cuff should sit comfortably at your ankles but some prefer them a little above that on the shin because that’s their style.

Take note that different designers and makers will not cut their fabric or style in the same way so spend some time in front of the mirror and analyze the look 360.


You can take a friend that knows you well with you to give you positive or negative feedback on your try ons, sometimes others know you better than you know yourself and this can also apply to your fashion sense. Also, try some tops or jackets with jogger for greater insight into how you can style it.

The store attendant will a lot experience with helping to get the right jogger, it’s their job, providing they don’t lie to you just to get a sale.

The Message

Lastly is to ensure that your look conveys the message you need to send to onlookers with your style, active wear generally represents us, how we feel is how we want to be perceived.

How do you want to be perceived?Sports Jogger



  • Philip says:


    Love the information in this article as it can be hard to find the right ones. I go jogging regularly and actually either they are too baggy, to tight or they make you sweat far too much. Its flipping annoying actually because I have like now ten pairs of them and I really don’t like any of them for the reasons stated.

    Thanks and I have bookmarked this site for future reference.

    Regards, Philip

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