Guys Wearing Yoga Pants

I know right, why do men need to spend money on specific clothing just for yoga when you can just wear the gym clothes you already have. It is true that you can possibly go to a yoga class in whatever you want, we have to remember that yoga is a completely different activity and some workout apparel may not be right for the type of stretches involved.

Without having to go out of your way to purchase the best and most expensive yoga pants I am going to discuss some things you should pay attention to when shopping for the right pair of mens yoga pants.

Get The Fit Right.

Some prefer pants that are loose and airy while others like them tight-fitting and stretchy, however you like em, make sure you get the right size. Try them on at the store because different styles may fit differently. When buying online be sure to consult the size chart. You want to get pants that are comfortable when you put them on and don’t restrict your movement when engaging in your work out.Yoga Leggings

Loose Yoga Pants

The length of the pants is also very important, you don’t pants that are too long because it can make you trip or slip when moving between poses. Unless it’s a capri, you want to choose pants that stop at your ankles or a little below the calves. Also, if you enjoy the loose pants try not get them too loose, the extra fabric may prove to be a distraction.

Are You Protected?

I think we all know what I mean when I ask “are you protected”, but for those who may not, let’s just say that we need yoga pants that tackle the very male problem of having your junk on display. Additionally, to fit, get pants that are highly supportive and durable.

A quality yoga pant will have an extra layer underneath to support your package without the uncomfortable pinching during workouts.Layered Mens Yoga Shorts

Match Your Style!

While I am not gonna elaborate on this too much, you can find yoga pants to match almost any style you prefer, the fashion is constantly evolving to appeal to our personal choices. There are primarily shorts, capri and long yoga pants. While they come plain or one color I believe we would start seeing some pretty stylish and colorful designs as the trend progresses.Capri

Cotton, Synthetic or Both?

As far as what’s the best yoga pants materials to choose from, there maybe three types which all have their pros and cons.

Cotton based pants have a very soft and comfortable feel to them but they are moisture absorbing which means if you’re doing an intense yoga session or hot yoga where the heat is turned up, the clothing is gonna get really heavy and uncomfortable. They’re not as breathable as those made with synthetic materials and would fade after a period of time.

Synthetic materials give you the benefits of having sweat wicking and quick dry properties however the smell that might be left behind would be stronger than that of a cotton pants. They are more durable but not as soft as a cotton pant may feel. Synthetic materials are as follows:

  • Polyester
  • Nylon
  • Spandex

There are also pants made with cotton-synthetic blends in an attempt to combine the pros of each of the previous materials discussed. It makes sense that one would want the soft feel of cotton coupled with the sweat wicking properties of synthetics with less stink, however, a review from states that ” Unfortunately when combining the two/synthetic blends you end up with a little of everything”.

No material pants would be absolutely perfect for you, they all have their faults, however I would recommend the synthetic material that offer the sweat wicking and quick dry properties because it’s more versatile despite the odor issues (you guys keep cologne in your gym bags anyway). If you got an errand to run after the session the sweat absorbing cotton would not be ideal.

Choose What’s Good For You!

I know we don’t usually see a lot of men in yoga classes, however I hope I have at least assisted any reader in their search for a good yoga pant in this female dominated industry. I’d like to receive any suggestions or ideas you all may have.

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