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As we all should know, Beyonce is one of the biggest stars on the planet, her activewear clothing line IVY PARK which was partnered with billionaire Sir Philip Green sold out immediately when introduced in 2016 with a wide variety of activewear. The line was a hit under the company Parkwood Topshop Athletic Ltd, however Sir Phillip and stepped away from the partnership in 2018 and Beyonce’s company was able to inquire creative control over the IVY PARK brand.



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Skip forward to the start of 2020, Beyonce is now re-launching her brand partnered, teasing her line on instagram with one of the giants in the business, Adidas and as with her previous launch

everything sold out within minutes which have left some of her fans disappointed.

Don’t worry though, a statement released by the company hinted at new good soon. : “The overwhelmingly positive response to Adidas x IVY PARK is something we could have only dreamt about. This IVY PARK capsule collection is only the first in an ongoing partnership with our world-class ally, Adidas.”

With new goods coming up, I’m going tell you where you can get their clothing.

Where to Buy?

For those of you who missed the first launch of the line here are some stores you’d be able to retrieve them:

  • Adidas of course, although their online store sells out quickly, look for brick and mortar stores that sell their brands.
  • Bloomingdale’s always offer the most in-style womens brands.
  • Foot Locker carry some of the biggest activewear brands in the business so why wouldn’t offer Queen B’s line.
  • Finish Line, known for having a wide array of athletic clothing and that’s exactly what Beyonce’s selling.
  • Nordstrom

More clothing chains maybe included int he near but go quickly before this line sells out.


Beyonce herself said that she wanted to offer pieces that “serve as favorite armor for anyone who acknowledges the strength in their style and lives freely and boldly.” The line offers joggers, jackets, sneakers, body suits, jump suits, hoodies, hat and much more.

Included in the relaunch, the sneakers come in the combined colors of maroon, orange and cream which is the featured colors of her line. There are four different sneakers offered which are:


            weareivypark insta page

  • Nite Joggers
  • Ultra Boosts
  • Sleek Super 72
  • Sambarose

Beyonce has redesigned the Adidas models to fit her brands style, adding rope-lace heel tabs and a toggle lacing.

It being a star launched brand you’d think that it may be too expensive for you afford, but luckily this is not true all the pieces are between $25 to $250 so you find something that fits your budget, the size range is XS to XL but this IVY PARK x ADIDAS collection the clothes are over sized so try them before leaving the store or if ordering online get two sizes down from your normal.


         weareivypark insta page

Check Em Out!

The IVY PARK x ADIDAS partnership as rocked the activewear industry, evidenced by it selling out very quickly. This is an exciting and inspiring to the people that follow Beyonce religiously and the line offers stuff that everyone can partake in. Tell me what you like about it.


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