Active Clothing – Why Do We Love It

Activewear or athleisure is and has been one of the consistently growing trends in the fashion or sportswear industry for quite some time now. Some worlds biggest brands, the likes of Nike, Under Armour, Lululemon and Adidas just to name a few have shifted their focus from sportswear just being made to play sports, now they’re more fashionable and comfortable by design. Gone are the days of the boring baggy sweatpants and gym short pants, the demand for more well-designed, stylish and cross functional clothing has grown exponentially. 2018 press release indicates that the global activewear market size is expected to reach $567 billion by 2024, rising at a market growth of 6.8% CAGR during the forecast period.

I am going to list and explain a few of the reasons’ active clothing is in such high demand.

Fashionable and versatile

Our society now has a more relaxed standard as it pertains to dress code, some say that this is driven vastly by the millennial generation. We are always active not related only to the gym but other activities as well and require more casual clothing that can be used whether you’re working out, liming (hanging out) with friends or just going to the grocery active clothing has been proven to be one the most versatile trends.

Just a few days ago, I heard someone say that yoga pants can now be worn in the workplace as if there wasn’t a time when we thought we could not wear them outside of the gym. Clothing that helps us to easily transition between different activities throughout the day, manufactured with comfy fabrics, well-designed and uplifting colours makes us feel good.

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There is also less effort required to look neat and classy. We hardly need to iron or dry-clean most active clothing brands before we go out which makes it convenient and attractive to us. I don’t even remember the last time I had to iron before I went out, that crazy!!

Performance Enhancement

Most of us aren’t professional athletes so we don’t typically look at performance when buying, active clothing is designed to make exercising more comfortable, this is not only for the ladies but well-fitted active underwear can be crucial when doing intense workouts. They help prevent muscle related injuries coupled with proper fitting.

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We look for clothes that are breathable and quick drying that allow us to embark on other short adventures after the work out is finished without having us feel like we’ve just been in a pool of sweat or the heavy and clingy. I used to wear T-shirts to the gym and man when I was finished, the entire shirt was so wet it felt like extra weight. Now I don’t have that problem with my compression gear.

Healthy Lifestyle

Active clothing is not just for working out, it represents a healthy lifestyle which millennials are largely passionate about, some consumers do not wear clothing that were manufactured using fabrics that are harmful to humans and the environment which energized the emergence of natural activewear.

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Successful brands seek to center their apparel around beliefs and lifestyles that attract millennials, for example an article I read called “The Lululemon Lifestyle: Millennials Seek More Than Just Comfort From Athleisure Wear” states that Lululemon’s manifesto centers itself on creating a community of health, mindfulness and living a life of possibility. Nike is based on the idea that if you have a body you are an athlete and Under Armour focuses on making athletes better through passion, empowerment and design. They build communities around their mission statements and we want to feel like we represent and are a part of those beliefs.

They Represent Us

In conclusion, we love active clothing because we can relate to them, whether we want to live a healthy lifestyle, look and feel great while out with friends, in the work place, grocery shopping or anywhere else low maintenance clothing that stretch and breathe sure does the trick. Comfort is cool, and we can still be fashionable.

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