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Activewear For Quarantine

Long gone are the days’ when activewear was only used for the gym or whenever we wanted to break a sweat. These days’ activewear is a fashion statement that is being worn by everyone everywhere from the streets to the runways. Not only have they become beyond popular, but there is also a diversity of brands available with thousands of styles and patterns to choose from.

Today, we’ve rounded up the best activewear brands that have both functionality and style and can be bought during the quarantine. These brands are all available online so, you won’t have to step out to get your favorite athletic wear.

1. Lululemon:

This brand is more popular with the yoga lovers and is the highest-selling brand in coastal regions. The brand is gaining a marketplace day by day. With activewear in every color, pattern, and design, you have a lot of options to choose from.

The material is top quality and long-lasting so definitely something worth investing in. The brand has a full range of athletic wear for men and women while other accessories like yoga mats, water bottles, gloves, etc.

2. Gymshark:

This is a recent brand that has come in the limelight during the last couple of months. You must have heard the name by different vloggers and trainers on YouTube or Instagram. The company has gained popularity online for their cool and highly functional designs.

This brand also offers athletic clothing for both men and women along with a variety of accessories that you can buy to set up your home workout corner at home during the quarantine.

3. Adidas:

Adidas is a household name around the world. The brand is favored for its high-quality athletic wear in over 160 countries. Adidas has a mission to deliver the finest range of gym wear that will have your back through tough workouts sessions.

Adidas is a trustworthy brand if you’re looking to add a few pieces to your gym wear. The brand has something for everyone from grownups to children.

4. Puma:

With brand ambassadors like Rihanna and Selena Gomez, Puma is a brand that just can’t be left out when reviewing the best activewear brands out there. When two superstars are endorsing the product you know you won’t be disappointed by the brand’s products.

The brand delivers the best when it comes to quality, style, and efficiency. With activewear for men, women, and kids and has something for the most critical buyers out there. You can check out the full range online and order workout clothes during quarantine.

5. Nike:

Nike is a globally known brand and the most desired one as well. Nike is a name synonymous with athletic clothing. It is a store that has something for everyone. If you’re looking to start your fitness journey during the lockdown, you should look into Nike and “Just Do It” fashionably.

Recently, Nike has started customizing clothing so that is a plus as well.

6. Athleta:

The brand Athleta is a fitness brand the falls under the umbrella of Gap. The brand offers stylish and practical activewear that is fit for any physical activity including hiking, swimming, yoga, Pilates and running.

Athleta is a female-targeted brand and specializes in the most reliable clothing that women can buy.

7. Under Armour:

This is a recent sportswear name that came out in 2016. The label offers premium quality athleisure that is designed by a Belgian designer. Under Armour Sportswear couples high-performance gym wear with a sartorial touch.

UAS offers athleisure for every kind of customer out there.

8. Reebok:

Another well-known name, that is a subsidiary of Adidas. Reebok has been popular for all these years because of its high-quality clothing and shoe lines. The store’s website stocks products for both men and women. It also offers a classic section that has the all-time favorite items.

9. Alo Yoga:

A relatively new name in the market, this brand has also gained a client base from YouTube and Instagram. Offering products designed to be “studio to street” clothing, the activewear can be used in any situation.

The brand offers product lines for both men and women, so check out their range and start your yoga sessions in style today.

This is a breakdown of the best activewear brands you can buy from during the COVID’19 quarantine, don’t just stay inside and get fat, be a little active.. If any of the brands stated are your favorite let me know.

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