Active Underwear Tips

We know that activewear or athleisure is a fun and exciting trend that allows us to wear more relaxed clothing for more formal occasions, but has anyone ever wondered about what they wear underneath that? Just your average underwear? Well I still do but it’s just occurred to me that there should be under garments out there specifically designed for the active person however they wear it whenever they want because they’re probably really comfortable and supportive.

This then sparked my curiosity, like what is active underwear? what features, fabric, fit and styles do I look for if I want to purchase some for myself and are they safe or healthy to wear? I guess you would have asked similar questions also, so I’m going to share what I learned through research to assist because I can be a bother to do the research yourself.


Firstly, what features should you look for to determine if it’s an active underwear or not, logic implies that they should be performance oriented. Proper support if you’re an athlete or non athlete is required, you don’t want your stuff bouncing all over the place.

In addition to that it should feel comfortable on your skin, this usually entails tagless waistbands or flat seams to avoid unwanted irritation. A waistband that fit you shape comfortably will avoid discomfort when in motion.

The growing importance of the use of moisture wicking and quick drying materials coupled with efficient breathability for any activity you’re involved in makes an active underwear piece just that.

An oder resistant piece won’t hurt, I mean some of us sweat a lot and actually this and the sweat wicking properties will keep harmful bacteria from building up

Is the Fabric Important?

The clothes with the best features are usually made with the appropriate technical fabrics and cuts that represent that.

Cotton – is breathable and also stretches to fit your form. It’s lightweight and very comfortable however I don’t recommend using it for intense activities because it does not contain sweat wicking and quick drying properties that other fabrics offer. Still, great for everyday wear

Bamboo – this is a semi-synthetic fabric made from the bamboo plant, there are many fabrics made from it, some sustainable and produced ethically, others are not so if you’re into the sustainable trend do your research before buying. Learn more about it here. The fabric is very breathable and high in moisture wicking properties. The stretch ability is decent however it is very prone to pilling so wash in warm water.

Synthetic fabrics – consist of polyester, nylon, spandex or a mixture of such. Probably the best fabric to get for workouts and outdoor activities, they do a good job of wicking sweat and drying quickly, additionally they’re the most durable. The one downfall maybe that it retains odors so wash after each use.

Choose the one or mixtures that’s right for you and feels good on your skin.

What’s Your Style?

The style your wear is entirely a personal decision, wear what you like I always say, only you will know what makes you feel comfortable and gives you the best performance. Here are some options but in the end it’s all up to you.

Briefs (Jockey,Panty) – I’m not sure if a jockey or panty can be classified as a brief however the kind all have the same characteristics. They sit above the hips but provide no support in the thigh area.












Boxers – are longer than briefs to give you more support in the thigh area but it is a loose fitting piece. It has a tendency to ride up and bunch though.


Boxer brief or boy shorts – if you don’t like your skin to be rubbing against itself which can cause chafing, this is your best bet. They’re just as long as the regular boxers but just fitted to your body to provide more support. Nothings gonna shake or dangle much in there.



Thong – yes there active thong underwear out there, although they provide support to your thighs, these are made for your sweaty workouts and boast wicking and quick dry features. Don’t be afraid to look sexy and be functional at the same damn time.



Sports Bras – just as the name implies, these bras are here to provide essential support and comfort at all times although not really used as uderwear. I suppose a woman would know what she needs best and choose to suit her.


Right Fit for You

I don’t expect you to get something that doesn’t match your size or preferred fit but just get something you’re comfortable in. Not too loose but not too tight unless either end of the spectrum is what you like.

Viable Choice

Is active underwear a viable option for you? I know it’s easy to just throw on whatever regular underwear you got and go workout or something with em, but consider the benefits of getting some functional wear. Let me know your thoughts!

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