Active Accessories

Building a healthy and active lifestyle is not just about the clothes we wear or the versatility of such anymore. Most of us are busy and that’s part of the reason why activewear is so appealing and one of the go to trends of our day, the multiple functionalities it provides.

We try to blend fitness with our everyday lives as much as possible and other than activewear we use technology that we can sometimes carry along with us. These gadgets help us track heart rate, the amount of calories we burn just by walking or running and even sleeping patterns. Here I am going to tell you about some items that can also assist in tracking your health or fitness goals while you’re on the go.

Of Course! The Smartphone!

Now there’re countless apps available on your phone to assist you like ‘MyFitnessPal” that helps plan your meals and track macros for a healthy diet, I used this a lot when I was working out like 3 days a week. I’m not a very disciplined guy when it comes to eating healthy so the pre planned daily routine was a big help.

Your phone can also track the amount of calories you burn when in motion via your steps when walking or doing everyday activities and when running.


This app I personally use, it can be downloaded on iPhone and Android phones. Basically this helps maintain your health in the kitchen by tracking your daily nutrition intake. It has a large database of foods, can scan bar codes, track your macros and log your favorite restaurants all with your specific goal in mind. They say it’s 80% diet and 20% exercise so this is the perfect app to assist you.

Smart Watches

There are several options when it comes to smartwatches available. A reliable companion in and out of the gym or workout setting, they also count foot steps, measure various body rates to keep you abreast of your health goals at all times. Apps like stop watches and timers are also available.

They can also be synced with your smart phone for better visual aide to better customize and tailor your personal goals. While I’ve never owned one, I’d like to get one sooner or later.

Yea I know! Apple and Samsung both offer smart watches but you want to venture outside of your comfort zone the Haylou Smart Watch 2 doesn’t pale in comparison to others. It boasts 12 sport models from jogging to rowing, monitors your heart rate 24 hours a day also your sleeping patterns quantifying the quality of your sleep.Coupled with a large 1.4 inch touch screen and cheaper than what you’d usually buy, you should check it out here.

Music On the GO!

Anyone can admit that there was a time when you were doing some kind of activity like a workout with your phone in your hand and it was difficult. Now Wireless Headphones come with hands free features to compliment your busy schedule, they are slim, lightweight, durable and even water or sweat proof.


There’s headphone that you won’t even need your phone for, the AIKSWE Wireless Headphones offers 8 gigs of memory so roughly 1800 songs can be stored and utilized at any time. Swimmers have no fear this is IPX8 waterproof. You don’t need to have your phone exposed even when running with the built in microphones for hands free calling and external controls to adjust volumes. Seems like a no brainer to me, you need em!

For Yogi’s

There are now lightweight versions of the yoga mat available for those on the go, I know in some busy cities driving your car can become very uneconomical and you’d prefer to travel. Doing that with big bulky yoga mat would be a chore.

This Fitness Yoga Mat is a travel friendly mat and can be put in a gym bag and hauled wherever you go, so when you feel like it you can do your yoga or planks for a few minutes and see the differences that would make in the long run. It’s made with a double-sided non-slip texture suitable for most surfaces and just the right thickness to support your knees and elbows for a comfortable performance. If this is something you need in your life, check it out here.

Mini Elliptical Trainers

Yes I said it! Mini Elliptical, you can carry around in your car or even keep it at the office, underneath your desk so while your’re working you can still put in a low impact workout. This can reduce the time taken for some of your cardio while you make money, they’re quiet so it won’t disturb your co-workers.

The Mini Electric Elliptical provides a low impact workout at home or like I said before at your job, it doesn’t make much so don’t worry about disturbing your coworkers.

This one doesn’t have Bluetooth capabilities but there are some of these with Bluetooth connectivity and can link with your smartphone to keep track of your workouts, routines and achievements. This thing is very convenient for a busy office person, might have to get one for myself HERE.

Guys tell me what you think about this post, if it added value to your lives. COMMENT!.


  • Paolo says:

    This mini elliptical trainers can be a good purchase. I was complaining the other day that because I had to work so much sitting on my computer, I didn’t have time to workout. But now I have no excuse. This is just what I would like. I know there is no susbtitute to go and train. But this definetlly reduces time we have to put in our training.

  • Nelson says:

    Having any one of these accessories would definitely be nice. Most people barely pay attention to technology and what they stand to benefit from upgrading to the latest. Well, the new gadgets and accessories that are being made these days are drawing more attention and creating more awareness. Thanks for this enlightening write up on the accessories you have highlighted above. I find them to be very interesting.

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