5 Great Female Jogger Pants

Jogger pants are one of the most comfortable articles of activewear one can introduce to their wardrobe, especially women. In my past posts I have only written about jogger pants for men, now its time to show the ladies some great pants available to them. Womens joggers are stylish, functional and versatile though I bet there are people out there who have never bought one and experience its pleasures.

Most of my offerings will be from the sustainable clothing brand PrAna, they are committed to bringing positive change to our environment and also the people who live in it since their beginning. They use materials and partner with companies and factories that are aligned with their purpose to bring us nice and functional clothing. There’s more information about the materials they use in my past post “Sustainable Yoga Leggings – PrAna,” go check it out!


1. Sky Canyon Jogger

Price: $89

Sky Canyon Jogger

Sizes: 0-14

Colours: Coal, Moonrock, Earthbound, Gravel Camo

Buy Here: Sky Canyon Jogger


This is a cool, simple yet stylish jogger with its six pockets and cropped leg with knit cuffs stands the perfect companion throughout your day, whether inside or outdoors, relaxing or on and adventure.

The price may seem pretty expensive but you consider its sun safety, quick dry and durable water repellent perks, that shouldn’t be an issue.

You can already see yourself wearing this relaxed fit piece with a top and footwear of choice, don’t deny yourself this pleasure.










2. Mantra Jogger

Price: $89Mantra Jogger

Sizes: XS – Xl

Colours: Oatmeal, Coal, Slate Green

Buy Here: Mantra Jogger



The Mantra Joggers look is just so casual, yet I feel like it can be worn to office with the right supporting clothes easily.

Manufactured with hemp, recycled polyester and spandex, it offers natural order reducing features as well as sunlight protection. The cuffs are elastic and is a relaxed fit style.

I suggest you read the reviews before purchasing this, they provide some good insight on how it fits.


















3. Sunrise Jogger

Price: $89Sunrise Jogger

Sizes: XS – Xl

Colours: Black, Mirage Blue

Buy Here: Sunrise Jogger



As the name may suggest, the jogger pant is designed to give you the same feeling as a morning sunrise, light with no excess heat. Perfect for an outdoors trod but soft and comfy enough to sleep in which comes from the recycled polyester and tencel double knit blend.

The drawcord is adjustable but that’s not all, this piece also has a plus size counterpart for the thick and beautiful ladies. Sizes available from 1x – 3x with all the the same features. This is an excellent buy.
























Let’s get to some Amazon goodness and see what they’ve got for you.


4. U.S Polo Assn. French Terry Jogger

Price: $12.99 – $35.49U.S. Polo Assn. Essentials Womens French Terry Jogger

Sizes: Small – 3x Plus

Colours: A Lot!

Buy Here: U.S Polo Assn. French Terry Jogger


This best seller on Amazon has proven to be a friend to women with a high 4 star rating. A relaxed fit to provide much comfort and warmth at home or even in the gym with tied drawstring for safety and preference.

There’s an assortment of colours and styles and to choose from so you gotta find something that tickles your fancy, however be sure to look at the size chart before ordering, this runs a small so you may need a bigger size than you normally wear to get the right fit.
























5. Leggings Depot Womens Jogger

Price: $10.99 – $17.99

Sizes: Small – 3x

Colours: A Lot!

Buy Here: Leggings Depot Womens Jogger


Another best seller here for you guys, this is a very simple jogger design, however simplicity doesn’t mean bad, its also got a lot of different styles if this one illustrated here doesn’t please you.

Made to be super stretchy, soft and comfortable, your curves will appreciate it and you’d be happy in them.
















Ladies let me know what you think of the joggers I’ve showed you and what do you like in terms of style and fit. It’s always a great feeling when you’re happy in the clothes you wear and your’re confident you look good in them. Do you like to PrAna brand or you rather shop on Amazon?


  • Dale says:

    You have reviewed a great assortment of jogger pants, or what my wife and I call them-Sweat pants.  I really am not sure how I ended up on your website but it wasnt all for not.
    I knew my wife would enjoy these pants so I showed her the website.  I am pretty sure that she will be pulling out her Credit Card
    Thank you for taking the time to write such a great review on some great Jogger Pants

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